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Campbell Maritime specializes in ship & barge assist, escort services & the movement of project cargo in Puget Sound & the greater Seattle markets.

The tug RubyVIII, her captain, and crew are ready to move you and your ship or barge. In addition to our towing and ship assist services, we have a variety of small to medium sized spud and ramp barges available for rent or long term lease.

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Additional marine services are provided in conjunction with and through Northern Marine Salvage, please visit their website for more information.

4/15/2014-Sleepy Time 

I had to get up at 0300 this morning in order to do a gravel job up in Everett. This tends to throw your whole day off a little bit, but I find that by not eating anything at all for 36 hours or so you can nullify the effects of not getting any sleep. I should write a book for the health conscious. I could call it "You Can Rest When You're Dead: 101 reasons you should get off your dead ass and get to work" I think it'd be a big hit.

Anyhow no sooner had we finished up our job in Everett than we had to run down to Seattle and take care of a job over in the greater Ballard region. It was kind of a busy morning, but we were all tied up and done for the day by 0930, which left a great many hours to fill. Fortunately I am terribly resourceful, and I managed to find a good combination of paperwork and errands to round out the morning. The afternoon as well if we're being perfectly honest.

Here's a photo I took in Everett this morning, just as we were headed back into our dock. I hope you enjoy it, love Brian

Tugboat Captain:Sleepy Time


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