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Campbell Maritime specializes in ship & barge assist, escort services & the movement of project cargo in Puget Sound & the greater Seattle markets.

The tug RubyVIII, her captain, and crew are ready to move you and your ship or barge. In addition to our towing and ship assist services, we have a variety of small to medium sized spud and ramp barges available for rent or long term lease.

Call us today for scheduling, barge rentals or project brainstorming! We are available 24 hours by phone at 206.794.0232 or 206-356-8287 during business hours.

Additional marine services are provided in conjunction with and through Northern Marine Salvage, please visit their website for more information.

3/1/2017-Okay, so sue me. 

Yeah yeah, okay. It's been two years and then some since my last update. So I'm lazy, so what? Maybe I just needed a break. Anyhow for whatever reason the spirit has moved me tonight, so let's just go with that and count our blessings.

So there we were today, Heather, Chief Engineer Rodger, and myself, sitting down to enjoy our luncheon at one of our favorite clip joints. We had no sooner ordered our meals than the phone rang, with an urgent request! It seems one of our pals had their hands full moving a fishboat, and we were dispatched to get down there asap and help them out. Very exciting!

You'd probably imagine that we get urgent calls like that all the time, and that we go racing off at top speed and manage to just barely save the day. The reality of it is that that almost never happens. Practically everything we do is scheduled hours if not days and weeks in advance, and everything proceeds according to plan, and there aren't any surprises. It's literally once every five or six years that we have an emergency sort of call like today, so it honestly was pretty exciting. For once it's not just me being sarcastic.

Anyway we jumped in the 8 and headed off down the canal, but by the time we got there the crisis had pretty much passed. Well maybe not passed, but it was more or less under control. We helped to finish things up though, and then when no one was looking we snuck out and went home. On the one hand we made a few bucks, but on the other hand I didn't get to eat my hamburger for lunch! Kind of an emotional rollercoaster really.

Okay, well nice to see you again. I havent' been taking a great many photos lately, but here's one I hope you'll find humerus,...... Haaaaaaa

Tugboat Captain:Okay, so sue me.


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